What exactly is Bmore POWER?


Bmore POWER is a peer-based group of individuals whose mission is to help people safeguard themselves and their communities from mental, physical and societal harms. We understand that drug use has taken a toll on us and our communities. We are here to save lives, reduce harm, and address those risky behaviors that drive up the Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS numbers among us. We intend to help our people and our communities regain our dignity, respect and health. In doing so, we will gain a greater and higher sense of self-esteem, no matter the race, creed, color, sexual identity or religion. We are all important and valuable. We hold a ten-week Harm Reduction Advocacy course to train peers on how to best provide education and resources to others and also do outreach throughout Baltimore City. Outreach consists of reaching out to our communities and offering resources such as Narcan trainings/certifications/kits. 



Important information to have about things ranging from drugs to policies/laws in effect.

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